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    • 内瘘针
    • 内瘘针
    • 内瘘针
    • 内瘘针
    • 内瘘针


    • Certificate: CE FDA ISO
    • Material: Medical Grade PVC
    • Color: Orange,Green,Blue,Etc
    • OEM: Welcomed
    • Description:
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    A.V. fistula needles/blood tubing


    *Connect blood lines of the blood vessels through needles when dialysis is carried out through an internal fistula.

    *Made by medical polymer materials,sterilized by EO gas;sterile,non-toxic,pyrogen free.

    *Fixed type wing.

    *With&without back eye.

    *Ultra-thin wall needles allow maximum blood flow.

    *Ultra-sharp for easier penetration.

    *Siliconized for smoother,more comfortable penetration.

    *Easy removal of luer cap.

    *Double entry points on needle for quick collection.

    *A.V.fistula needle with safety device,can shield the cannula after use,preventing needlepoint from stabbing nurse,patient or other people,which can effectively reduce infection.