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    Disposable Infusion set With Y-Shaped Tube and Fluild Filter and vent style

    • 一次性输液器,加Y形管、过滤器
    • 一次性输液器,加Y形管、过滤器
    • 一次性输液器,加Y形管、过滤器
    • 一次性输液器,加Y形管、过滤器


    • Fluild Filter
    • With Y-Shaped Tube
    • vent style
    • Description: An infusion set widely used around the world.
    • Inquiry

    This Disposable Infusion set With Y-Shaped Tube and Fluild Filter and vent style.

    ● Small flexible and clear drip chamber
    ● With or without air-filter
    ● With or without solution filter Roller clamp
    ● Lure slip or lure lock adapter
    ● Latex or latex free injection site(bulb or Y site)
    ● With hypodermic needle or with scalp vein set
    ● For infusion bags and bottles
    ● 20/60drops=1±0.1ml

    Remark: You can also give us your specific requirements to confirm the products you need finally.

    Product Description:

    1.Product: Disposable Infusion Sets, Disposable I.V. Sets

    2.Scope of application: disposable use of  venous tranfusion , hypodermic injection in clinic

    3.Sterilization: Steriled with E.O. gas. Non-toxic, Non-pyrogenic

    4.Certifications:  CE / ISO13485-2012

    5.Packing: PE bag unit packing

    6.Warns: single use only,reuse is forbiden.stop use if the pack is damaged

    7.Advantages:  Technical workers and machines

    Highly sharp needle points,light punture force,less pain to patient

    8.Others : OEM offered.The specific details we can do as the clients request