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    • 小儿吊瓶150ML
    • 小儿吊瓶150ML
    • 小儿吊瓶150ML
    • 小儿吊瓶150ML


    • Size:150ML
    • Needle: With or without needle
    • Without light-Resistant
    • Without or without Shut off valve
    • Description: Pediatric Infusion Set: This product is made of polymer materials, PVC, cork puncture, dropper, dropper, pipeline, flow regulator, fixtures (some models have), air filters, precision liquid filter, i
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    Product Features

    ● Protective cap for spike

    ● spike

    ● With air filter

    ● Flow regulator

    ● Drip chamber  150ml

    ● With or without Shut off valve

    ● Fluid filter

    ● Y site

    ● With needle or without needle

    Without light-resistant or with light-resistant