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    • 牙科清洗注射器
    • 牙科清洗注射器
    • 牙科清洗注射器
    • 牙科清洗注射器
    • 牙科清洗注射器


    • Dental Syringe
    • OEM
    • 12ml
    • Transparent, white
    • Description: Disposable Plastic Dental Syringe
    • Inquiry
    disposable plastic dental syringe
    100% Brand new
    Great for cleaning hard to reach places
    Ideal for liquid application in hard to reach areas
    With curved tip provides easy access for maximum canal irrigation.
    Great for surgical site irrigation and dental general irrigation
    Rigid tip tapers to 1/16" for tight areas
    Rubber plunger end provides an excellent seal
    Cut the tip to adjust flow rate

    Dental Usage:
    General irrigation (Oral surgery, Perio, Endodontic, etc)
    Impression Materials
    Intraoral impression deliver
    Medical/ VET Uses:Pets Feeding,General feeding purposes

    Capacity: 12ml